Tax Lawyer Advice: What to Do if You Get an IRS Letter

Every tax lawyer has seen clients panic after receiving letters from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Although this reaction is certainly understandable, correspondence from the IRS isn’t necessarily cause for alarm.

If you get an IRS letter, don’t panic. Instead, take a deep breath and approach the situation with a clear head. What should you do if you find an IRS notice in your mailbox?

Tax Lawyer Advice What to Do if You Get an IRS Letter

Read the Letter Promptly

You might be surprised how many people put off opening IRS notices, but a delay is never a good idea.

Many notices are time-sensitive, and the longer you wait to respond, the more difficult it may be to reach a favorable resolution. Stashing the letter in a drawer won’t make the problem go away, and ignoring the correspondence could make your tax situation worse.

Besides, not every IRS letter is a message of doom and gloom.

You might just need to confirm a Social Security number, for example, or file a certain tax form. In fact, you could even get notice that the IRS owes you money. (Although that may be rare, it does happen.)

The bottom line is that you must open and read any IRS letter as soon as it arrives.

Gather Documentation

The IRS is famous for sending notices that aren’t exactly easy to understand. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration even released a report calling for more clear and plain language in IRS notices.

So, if you read your IRS letter and don’t know what it means, you certainly aren’t alone. Don’t worry if you can’t make heads or tails of it, though. Simply contact a professional tax lawyer for an interpretation.

Once you have an understanding of the situation, gather your returns and all other associated documents, such as receipts and bank statements.

Get Help from an Experienced Tax Lawyer

Before responding to an IRS letter, reach out for professional assistance. A consultation with an experienced tax lawyer can save you a lot of grief.

The people who work at the IRS aren’t trying to make your life miserable, but you could face some serious consequences if you don’t handle the notice of your tax issue correctly. With an expert tax lawyer on their side, most clients are able to smoothly and successfully resolve the situation.

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