4 Problems You Need an Experienced Tax Attorney to Solve

Do you really need to hire a tax attorney? Perhaps you’re used to handling your own taxes, or maybe you usually turn to an accountant.

If you’re facing a complicated tax situation, however, you can save yourself quite a lot of grief by working with an expert tax lawyer instead of trying to deal with the issue yourself.

Experienced Tax Attorney to Solve

Sometimes you might be OK on your own, but there are four situations in which you definitely want an experienced attorney on your side. What are they?

No. 1: You’re Facing an IRS Tax Audit

Have you been contacted about an issue with your past taxes? Don’t try to take on an IRS tax audit alone — the auditor does not have your best interests in mind.

An expert tax attorney knows how to handle both business and personal audits. With an audit, the stakes may be high. Let your lawyer do the talking, and you’re much more likely to come out on top.

No. 2: You Can’t Pay Your Back Taxes

How much do you owe in back taxes? If it’s $10,000 or more, you need to consult with an experienced tax attorney.

At the $10,000 mark, the IRS can begin filing liens and levies on your property. In either case, you’re at risk of losing the property. And you may see your credit score plunge as well. An expert tax lawyer can help you avoid these devastating scenarios.

No. 3: You Want to Dispute an IRS Tax Assessment

Is the IRS demanding payment for a tax assessment? If you fail to report or pay taxes, the IRS can determine your liability for you — and you may not agree on the amount.

You can go to court to dispute the assessment on your own, if the difference is small. However, if the amount in controversy is substantial, your chances of receiving a favorable outcome are better if you have an experienced tax attorney in your corner.

No. 4: You’re Under IRS Criminal Investigation

Did you know that nearly 80 percent of the IRS criminal investigations in 2016 ended with prison time for the accused? The average sentence was 41 months — that’s almost 3½ years!

If you’re under investigation by the IRS criminal division, you need to hire an experienced tax attorney. You can be sure the IRS will have attorneys working to prove their case, and you need an expert working to prove yours.

Do you need expert assistance with your tax situation? With over a decade of experience representing northern Utah clients with audits, back taxes, assessment disputes and IRS criminal investigations, attorney Eric Froisland has the skills and experience to protect your rights. Contact the Froisland Law Firm in Salt Lake City to schedule a tax attorney consultation today.